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German Panther Tank
German Panther Tank
The Battle of the Bulge was Germany’s last gasp to win the war. It failed due in large part to the tenacity and innovation of the American GI. Crack German units were stopped in their tracks by green American troops that had never seen combat. In crudely whitewashed Shermans and Half-Tracks, the Americans went up against camouflaged German Tiger I and Panther tanks in the thickly wooded Ardennes. Corgi and the History Channel salute this momentous event with the World War II commemorative collection, Battle of the Bulge.

This late model Panther tank was painted in the standard factory-applied red primer with a camouflage scheme of dark yellow and green. This tank had come directly from the factory with no time for the unit to apply markings or camouflage.

This 1:50 scale diecast replica reproduces one of the most fearsome land vehicles of World War Two.

Price: $39.95