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Bf 110G-2, 9+FM, II/ZG 1, Italy 1943, "Wespen" (Wasp)
Bf 110G-2, 9+FM, II/ZG 1, Italy 1943, "Wespen" (Wasp)

1:72 Scale Diecast Model of the World War II Luftwaffe Bf 110G-2, 9+FM, II/ZG 1, Italy 1943, "Wespen" (Wasp)

Germany’s need for a twin-engine high-speed bomber and heavy fighter was met with the introduction of the Messerschmitt Bf-110 Zerstorer (Destroyer). The Bf-110 soon became the dominant aircraft in 1939 and especially during the invasion of Poland. The Bf-110 had tremendous fire-power with its array of 30 mm cannons and 2 7.92 mm machine guns in the rear cockpit. The great success in Poland meant production of the Bf-110 was increased to 100 units per month. However when the Bf-110s started to come up against the much faster and more maneuverable Hurricanes and Spitfires the Zerstorer’s weaknesses started to show with mounting losing. A new role was given to the Bf-110 as a night-fighter and once radar became available they really began to shine. At first they would almost devastate the incoming bomber raids but even the success of this role began to diminish as the Allies started to win control of the skies with some
superior aircraft and in far greater numbers than the Germans could produce.

8-3/4" wingspan; includes a display stand.

The Wasp insignia had its origins when the II/ZG 1 was known as III/ZG 76 in Norway. It was supposedly design to compete with the Sharkmouth of the II/ZG 76 unit. The group retained the insignia even when they later became III/ZG 76 and then part of E.Gr. 210 and in 1941 when they took part in the invasion of Russia as II/SKG 210. In 1942 the unit came full circle and was once again known as II/ZG 1 “Wespen” and sent to Italy. The unit flew Zerstorer missions until early summer 1943 when it returned to Germany to take part in the defense of the Reich. The Allies found the aircraft S9+FM intact and abandoned on Montecorvino Airfield near the Salerno beachhead.

Specifications for the basic Messerschmitt Bf-110G-2

Messerschmitt Bf 110G-2

Entered Service:
December 1942

Length - 39' 7" (12.06 m)
Wing Span - 53' 4" (16.25 m)
Wing Area - 413.3 sq ft (38.4 sq m)
Wing Loading - 27.2lb/sq ft / 45.5lb/sq ft / 53.5lb/sq ft
Empty - 11,220lb (5089.3 kg)
Loaded - 18,800lb (8527.54 kg)
Max - 22,100lb (10024.39 kg)

2 X Daimler-Benz DB-605B-1 in-line 1,475 hp at sea level
Int Fuel Capacity - 2,016 lbs (914 kg)
Ext Fuel Capacity - 950 lbs (430 kg, 2 X under wing drop tanks)

Maximum speed - 342 mph (550 kph) at 22,900 ft (6,980 m)
Ceiling - 26,065 ft (7,950 m)

Armament: 4 x 7.9mm MG, 5 x 30mm cannons

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