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M1A1 Abrams Tank USMC Desert Storm
M1A1 Abrams Tank USMC Desert Storm

Corgi Diecast Model of the USMC M1A1 Abrams Tank, 2nd Marine Tank Battalion, Operation Desert Storm

M1A1 Abrams Tank

The M1A1HA Abrams main battle tank, proved itself more than worthy during the Gulf Conflict. The M1 Abrams, officially commissioned by the US military in 1980, was designed totally different from previous post-WWII US military tanks. Though fitted with the same 105mm cannon as the M60, the M1 was powered by a gas turbine engine and was fitted with spaced armor. In 1984, the M1A1 was developed with a 120mm smooth bore cannon, and a further variant the M1A1HA (HA stands for Heavy Armor) was later developed featuring depleted uranium armour. The M1A1HA model had a protection equivalent to 600 mm against kinetic energy ammunition, and 1,300 mm against chemical energy warheads.

Corgi Showcase Collection #90305. Length 3-3/4 inches.

Each intricate die-cast model is mounted on a display plinth. An informative full-color data card is also included and can be mounted on the display plinth. Arrange each plinth side by side to create an impressive panoramic display.


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