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US Army M4 Sherman Tank 'War Daddy II'
US Army M4 Sherman Tank 'War Daddy II'

Corgi Diecast Model of the US Army M4 Sherman Tank 'War Daddy II' used in North Africa

The American main battle tank during World War Two was the Sherman. This was a medium tank weighing 35 tons and armed with a 75mm, 40 caliber cannon. This gun was capable of punching through 3.7 inches of armor at 500 yards. The Sherman had an effective armor thickness of 2.8 inches in the front, 1.6 inches in the sides, and 1.4 inches in the rear. It carried a crew of five and had three machine guns.

The Sherman was a poor match for any of the German tanks against which it fought. Even the Panzer IV, the weakest of its opponents, had a more powerful gun. Against the Panther and the Tiger, the Sherman was hopelessly outclassed. The Panther and the Tiger had frontal armors of 4.8 and 4.0 inches respectively; thus, the Sherman's gun could not kill either tank in a head-to-head encounter, even at close range. The German guns were more powerful than the Sherman's; they could easily penetrate the Sherman's frontal armor even at great ranges.

The only chance a Sherman had against a Panther or a Tiger was to shoot it in the side or rear, where the armor was thinner. This required that the Sherman lay in wait and shoot its victims from hiding.

But the Sherman possessed two less obvious advantages: reliability and simplicity. These may not be very exciting traits, but in the heat of combat a little thing like a sticky clutch can be disastrous. A minor breakdown during a retreat can result in the complete loss of the tank. Such problems were rare with Shermans. And their simplicity made it possible to manufacture them in astounding numbers. Over 49,000 Sherman tanks were built during World War Two -- more than all the tank production of the Third Reich for the entire war.

Corgi Showcase Collection #90490. Length 3 inches.

Each intricate die-cast model is mounted on a display plinth. An informative full-color data card is also included and can be mounted on the display plinth. Arrange each plinth side by side to create an impressive panoramic display.


Price: $9.95