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British M4 Sherman Tank, 7th Armored Div. El Alamein (Retired)
British M4 Sherman Tank, 7th Armored Div. El Alamein (Retired)
H2> This is a diecast model of the British M4 Sherman Tank used by the 7th Armored Division (The Desert Rats) in the battle for El Alamein.

The Allies main battle tank in the beginning of World War Two was the Sherman. This was a medium tank weighing 35 tons and armed with a 75mm, 40 caliber cannon. This gun was capable of punching through 3.7 inches of armor at 500 yards. The Sherman had an effective armor thickness of 2.8 inches in the front, 1.6 inches in the sides, and 1.4 inches in the rear. It carried a crew of five and had three machine guns. The Sherman proved to be the turning point for the British against Rommel at El Alamein.

The model is approx. 1:72 scale and measures 3 inches long. It is colored in the brown and tan desert camouflage. It carries the British insignias on the top and sides with 21A on the sides of the turret and the identification number T195028 on the sides. The tank has a slightly "dirty muddy" appearance with splattered mud on the sides and mud caked on the tracks. The 75mm cannon can be moved up and down and the turret turns. The amount of detail Corgi has on this scale model is incredible.

Part of the Corgi Fighting Machines Showcase collection, this model is no longer in production and becoming scarce. Our stock is limited to current inventory.

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