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WW II US Army M4 Sherman Tank, Normandy (Retired)
WW II US Army M4 Sherman Tank, Normandy (Retired)

Diecast model of the US Army M4 Sherman Tank used in Operation Overlord at Normandy.

The Sherman was a poor match for any of the German tanks against which it fought. Even the Panzer IV, the weakest of its opponents, had a more powerful gun. Against the Panther and the Tiger, the Sherman was hopelessly outclassed. The Panther and the Tiger had frontal armors of 4.8 and 4.0 inches respectively; thus, the Sherman's gun could not kill either tank in a head-to-head encounter, even at close range. The German guns were more powerful than the Sherman's; they could easily penetrate the Sherman's frontal armor even at great ranges.

The only chance a Sherman had against a Panther or a Tiger was to shoot it in the side or rear, where the armor was thinner. This required that the Sherman lay in wait and shoot its victims from hiding.

The model is approx. 1:72 scale and measures 3 inches long. It is army green in color with the US Star insignia on the top and each side. The word "SPITEFUL" appears on each side along with the identification USA 303963. The 75mm cannon can be moved up and down and the turret turns. The tank itself has a slightly "dirty muddy" appearance. The amount of detail Corgi has on this scale model is incredible.

Part of the Corgi Fighting Machines Showcase collection, this model is no longer in production and becoming scarce. Our stock is limited to current inventory.

Price: $9.95