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WW II German Soldier Action Figure, HG Division, Anzio, 1944
WW II German Soldier Action Figure, HG Division, Anzio, 1944

WW II German Soldier Action Figure, HG Division, Anzio, 1944

This German soldier, carrying a rifle and ammunition canister, is wearing infantryman's uniform of the HG Division at Anzio in 1944.

This new Dragon line of Can.Do Pocket Army collectible figures come pre-painted, weathered and fully detailed. There is no assembly or painting required! They include realistic camouflage patterns and weathering!

There are 4 different action figures in this series. Some figures are more limited than others.

Figures are 1:35 scale and measure 2 inches in height. They mount on a 1 inch base of simulated terrain. The detail and equipment on this size model is remarkable.

The HG Division

At the outbreak of war the HG Regiment fought in Poland. Reorganized into the HG Division, they were sent to Italy for about one year. On 6 January, 1944, the division was renamed "FallschirmPanzer Division Hermann Goring" that consisted of panzer, armor artillery and infantry battalions. They were sent back to Poland and fought in the battle of Warsaw in August 1944. They served in Russia with the XXXIX Panzer Corps and at Fortress Graudenz in February 1945.

The Italian Campaign

On July 1943, the HG Division was assigned to the VI Army and ordered to Sicily with the 15th Panzer-Grenadier Division under the command of General Ernst Baade. They participated in the defense of Sicily and many were captured. The HG Division was in the vicinity of Salerno when the Allies landed there on 9 September, 1944, and attacked from the north of the town of Salerno. Elements of the division fought in Cisterna, Minturno and the Rappido River area in January-February, 1944. The HG Division was later deployed at Anzio as part of the XIV Panzer Corps.

The statistics indicate that 60,000 soldiers served with the HG Division during its life-span. After the surrender in 1945, only 15,000 survivors remained.

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