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1:72 Corgi Hawker Typhoon Mk.IB Egypt August 1943
1:72 Corgi Hawker Typhoon Mk.IB Egypt August 1943

1:72 Scale Corgi Limited Edition Diecast Hawker Typhoon Mk.IB - DN323, No. 451 Squadron, Idku, Egypt August 1943

Corgi Limited Edition No. 151 of 4880 Distributed Worldwide - Wingspan 6-3/4 inches

Towards the end of May 1943, three Hawker Typhoons were sent for operational flight trials in the Middle East. 219 Group RAF, who were responsible for finding a lodger unit for these service trials decided finally upon 451 Sqn RAAF. The Typhoon would have been an exciting follow-on to the Hawker Hurricane IIc then operated by the squadron, 451 Sqn at LG.106 near Idku under command of Sqn Ldr J Paine, having been recently withdrawn from frontline operations, would provide personnel for the tests. At this time, 451 Sqn was flying Hurricane IIcs along with a small flight of three "Marker" Spitfire Mk Vs on loan from 103MU*. The latter were to be used to intercept high flying enemy aircraft that were, at that time, performing reconnaissance missions over Alexandria, Egypt. Thus an additional type would have presented some difficulties with two different types already operated.

On the 13th June 1943, R8891 was readied and on the following day flown over to 451 Sqn at RAF Station Idku where squadron pilots then carried out several handling tests over the next three days. On the 17th June 1943, the aircraft was unserviceable due to the engine attaining 30 hours thereby requiring a sleeve wear check by the Napier Representative who had not, at this stage, arrived. ON323 fortunately had been repaired and flown over on the same day, thus training continued. The trials, having continuously performed during the past few months, culminated in armament trials in September 1943. Reports of stoppages and other armament problems arising from these trials were attributed to the lack of experienced armourers on that type. The three trials Typhoons were then ferried to 161 MU on the 23rd October 1943.

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